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To complete the original mission left to all Humanity by Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.  We are all Humans, and while we have been deceived and led astray from Our Original Mission by Goblins, aka as the Cult of Usury, Our Purpose is to remind all Humanity of the Mission that Started with Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.  The Mission…

Jesus performed 3 Miracles to ensure the deliverance of Common Folk from Goblins posing as Earthly Kings; who stole the land, knowledge, and toil of the Common Folk in an effort to enslave their Children.  As Common Folk we aim to show all fellow our fellow Folk how to perform the Miracles of our Lord and Savior, which will in turn allow for his return to Earth in the effort to complete the task he began in his life and sacrificed himself for.  For each of us he performed the following 3 Miracles…


The First Miracle occurred when a Common Man named Jesus cured the Blind by delivering the Knowledge Stolen by Goblins to hide the Histories of the Common People.  This allowed the Common Man to discern who the Perpetrator’s responsible for the great Sins committed upon the People.  With Knowledge regained the Common People were able to determine who the Goblins were that committed these atrocities and when the perpetrators had begun their crusade against Humanity.  Through Usury the Goblins had turned his fellow man into nothing more than beasts used for toil, committing their Children to perpetual subjugation.  Our Lord and Savior unveiled the Common Man’s mind to the Knowledge Lost allowing for the Greater things that were to come.

The Second Miracle was when Jesus feed the Hungry masses, because when Truth was brought to Light the Common Man stood in Solidarity with his fellow Man.  Not for themselves, but for their Children, which collectively gave morality back to the misguided Folk.  We each stand for our Children’s Future above all else but blinded by the Goblins posing as Earthly Kings through their multi-generational deceits the Common Man inadvertently viewed each other as the cause of their misfortune.  Yet unblinded the Goblins were unveiled for all Mankind to see, and so the Common Man stood in Solidarity and reclaimed the farmlands the Goblins had stolen away.  For it is Truth that the Assets created by Mankind were created for Our Children’s Sake, thus they all belong to the Children of the Common Man.  The Children are the Owners of the Toils of their mothers and Fathers, thus any who would claim Ownership of Mines, Roads, Farms, Schools, Labor, Forests, Streams, Mountains, Domiciles, Hospitals, etc. do so to steal the livelihood of Our Children.  To the Children the World belongs, thus the Common Man in the name of Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ must stand in Solidarity and return the Assets to their Children or else watch them suffer under the heel of Goblins for eternity.  Through overcoming Ignorance Jesus showed Humanity a path to Solidarity.  With the Children fed and knowledge reattained a Third Miracle occurred that changed the fate of those whose life seemed meant to pass from this world.

The Third Miracle occurred when Jesus cured the diseased and the lame.  For through the sacrifice of standing in Solidarity with his Fellow Man, even as Goblins threatened his life, by returning the Lost Knowledge of their Ancestors allowed for the security of the people in their common needs.  It allowed for God’s greatest gift to be unveiled to all, for with adequate food Humans gain the quality proteins necessary for resisting disease.  Also, with Knowledge of Dead Cell Debris returned, along with adequate shelter through the acts of Solidarity, allowed for the controlled environments for the recovery from excess Debris.  The Light of God had been returned to the Common people by the voice of a Common Man who was not afraid to speak for the sake of their plight.  Even against Goblins and the misguided fellows of the Common People who sold Him out for silver coins, Jesus gave his life for Humanity. 

Thus, Our Mission as Common Folk is as Follows.

To Bring Knowledge, even when threatened with Censors or Death, to all our Fellow Folk.  Allow All Men to discuss amongst themselves the views of all their Fellow Man.  Those who mean to censor do so for the Goblin Agenda of stealing the Assets and Freedoms we Toiled to gain.  Through the returning of the Lost Knowledge to the People, Our Lord and Savior through each of us will return as we stand in Solidarity and finish the plight, he sacrificed his life for.  Through this tenant All things will be realized when the Light of God is returned to Our Lives.  In the name of Jesus we Pray, Amen

This is His Mission, thus it is Our Mission

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