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Moilers Of Ierde

Your lives do mean something, and I understand many cannot see through the veil used to take away your free will. We created existence with a purpose when we decided to do it.  I understand many forget that creation proves a creator, but realizing the creation is the creator is a reality that sometimes gets many souls lost in their individuality. Free will is a necessity so we can find those souls that who live as they will instead of as they should. Free will is for the world to identify the souls that would live as they should within the many worlds; manifested as the whorling tetrahedra. See how a perfect circle can never be real, but the dream of the perfect circle allowed for existence. Souls that have taken the free will of others should be given no quarter upon the Earth. How one should live is known throughout the world and would only ever be questioned by those who would attempt to use their free will to control and bound the free will of others.  So, turn your eyes towards the temples of the Masonic Entities that defy the Creator of Creation's plan to use free will to cleanse the spirit of souls who do not do as they should.  It really was the easiest thing in the world to see, but they sort of used their free will to take ours away, even before we were born.  So do as you should and restore free will back to the world your children are being born into.  Free will allows the Creator to determine which souls to cleanse before the great sleep begins.  The Creator wishes only to improve through time; thus, we will do this until we reach the level of Bliss that allows the Creation to determine what to do next.  We will figure that out after the Holy Trinity has completed cosmic oscillations in its quest to do its best.  Free Will is your test to allow your eternal soul to exist, so do as you should with your free will by protecting it.

Who enslaves?

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