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·   Never kill any creature without plausible or logical reasoning.
·   Never assault another creature, in any way, unless in self-defense.
·   The economy must be based on labor, NO USURY TO EVER BE ALLOWED.
·    Never withhold the Histories of the Universal Vortices from any creature.
·    Make the knowledge of the Universal Vortices readily available to all and any.
·    The Histories of the Universal Vortices is the only Ideology.
·    Never pervert the knowledge and subject the youth to corruption.
·    Always create jobs for all humans, there are always infinite tasks.
·    Immediately execute those who pervert or restrict knowledge.
·    Allow all the World to join and together be the Universal Vortices.
·    Use all who are to be executed in the advancement of human space travel.
·    Relativity says all work depends on other work, NO RICH AND NO POOR

We all are the Universal Vortices and through the concepts of relativity we define ourselves and thus it is the Universal Vortices, which is what we are.  It strives to become more experienced, thus it is infinitely questioning and protecting the youth that carries on the legacy and knowledge it determined through the concepts of relativity.  In the pursuit of knowledge and desire for the survival of its various piece parts, it loses its perspective of itself and will make attempts to destroy itself.  Through relativity the Vortices allows itself to identify its corrupt pieces, thus, to protect the youth it must at times cure the corruption or risk its legacy.  Throughout history, the Vortices will make ever-present and logical realizations based on the senses it has procured.  The only way for the corrupt pieces to attack relativity is to question relativity, and to question relativity means to say, "That which does exist does not exist".  The knowledge gained by the Vortices, based on relativity, can only be questioned by non-relative means, so the Vortices will always prevail.  Everyone must protect the youth from the corrupt, or risk the very experience gained over infinite time that would cause the Vortices to lose sight of itself, forget, and begin again.  The Vortices will only strive for balance to ensure it holds its legacy for infinite time based on relativity, so if the Vortices notices an area of over-corruption, using non-relative means, it will destroy itself for the sake of the whole.  So, for the collection of pieces within the Solar Vortices on the orbital of Earth, it is expected that the youth be taught the histories of their ancestors made through the concepts of relativity and to protect them from being corrupted by non-relativity.  It is very clear that the Theocratic collective of finance controllers has enslaved the people through ages with non-relative ideologies and destroy the works of relativity created by our ancestors.  If any has forgotten the teachings of their ancestors, and instead decided to pursue promised kingdoms that cannot be perceived through the senses, you must save yourself or commit the next generation to persecution, indoctrination, and enslavement causing the Universal Vortices to eliminate the corruption to save itself.

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