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Accept and Begin Anew

For the common people of humanity to prosper on Earth, we must all stop and understand we are each very confused and lack evidence supporting the information we have been passing on to the next generation. We must also understand that there is nothing to fear when we learn we have been wrong or steered in the wrong direction because our purpose on this earth is not to teach the next generation but in actuality, it is to ensure they have the best tools for figuring out all the things we do not know. We must all accept and remember how much we knew when we emerged in the Quantum View. For those who believe that following an ideological belief through blind faith is acceptable, you must remember that no truth that has ever existed which has ever required blind faith. We evolved eyes to learn more about the Universal Vortices, not to make sure the creature with the first opinion is always correct. Who are these people who work tirelessly to create our perspective and for what means did they propagate these ideologies? Let us, as creatures of reason, believe that correcting ourselves without pushing a narrative that may have been used to oppress the minds of our fellow man for generations, is an essential requirement for being a moral human being. Allowing falsehoods to be propagated will create a world in which men will commit immoral actions and use propagated falsehoods to pass them off as moral. Now we see our children's future is now in jeopardy, so let us analyze what it is that controls society and why it pushes narratives to alienate those who aim to question the perspective of the Universal Vortices. Let it be our generation that corrects all preconceived notions of our reality and ensure our future is safe for those who come after us to also question our conclusions and advance our collective perspective of the Universal Vortices. Let no more Usur

We will begin by analyzing why we believe what we believe and who wanted us to believe it, then what the effects believing has had on our ancestors and determine in what practices we can adopt to ensure a future of human advancement. Beginning by looking at our current perceived reality and how our predecessors pressed ideologies upon the impoverished people that brought us to accept their skewed view of the Universal Vortices. Now begins the investigation of the underlying reality of theoretical facts which have been thrust upon the abounding people, so we may once again be able to question the Theocratic narratives without fear of persecution. Communities must question themselves and their elders or accept that they are responsible for their own children's unwarranted conformity, which leads to their enslavement to a system in which no Homo-Sapiens is allowed to evolve through the progression of our views regarding our place within Universal Vortices.

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