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Wordy words have weaved infinite fables upon the minds of Common Folk. With many names over many ages a Cult of Usury has laid hidden weaving itself amongst the Common Folk. Goblin is the name I have chosen to show you the Cult of Usury as One, allowing the Common Folk a view of the truth without wordy words such as reptilians, aliens, and others being used to turn truth into myth. Who are these Goblins is now what you need to know? First, we must define the Cult of Usury, which you will find is the only thing that makes a Goblin different than you and I. Lastly, you will find once they have been properly defined there will be nothing else you need do except tell those closest to you. Resolute men and women will do the rest and bring liberty at long last to the Common Folk.

Common Folk have been confused about their education as evident in their knowledge of history, astrology, theology, politics, and currency.

Usury is much more than the lending of money at interest, because for it to come into existence an individual must have assets in excess to create the basis of the money, they intend to use to control the labor of the Common Folk that was needed to utilize the assets that must have been taken from the Common Folk by a few individuals at some point in the mysteriously rewritten history of humanity. Usury is the act by an individual or group of individuals claim ownership of the toils of Common Folk for themselves. A Cult of Usury will use theology to rewrite the history of our common ancestors after committing genocides to defeat the Common Folk of a nation free from these acts of Usury. They will install a currency to control ownership of our toil and will promote hardship amongst the Common Folk by dividing their sense of solidarity through the use of varying political ideologies. This will allow even the nations undivided by the theological manipulations of usury, to become divided with their neighbors through the theatrical themes, aka media, of the Cult of Usury to create factions within the nations. With every new idea of freedom, the Cult of Usury will apply it with a Wordy Word and stigmatize it on national television. There will always be an -ism that exists for the Cult of Usury to create schisms between me and you. The Cult of Usury control all the countries and create crisis and shift the blame on all things as they have for centuries created isms to mislead me and you. Remember migrants have been forced to leave home and they come to our borders, and they will tell you of the Cult of Usury when they speak about how they were pushed here as our ancestors were just a few centuries before by the exact same Cult of Usury. Everywhere you look, even within their infinite web of lies, we always find Goblins of the Cult of Usury as the culprit. There are darker secrets they hide, and if the Common Folk realized they could save all the children lost and bring liberty by seeing their enemy as one instead of the many that we could all accept our ignorance. It was all our fault that we let the Cult of Usury grow for four thousand years and for a very short time it has now encompassed the earth. How long can theatrical themes hide adrenochrome driven Goblins using astrology to hide the astronomy our ancestors toiled relentlessly to map for me and you. The Cult of Usury made us forget, but many common folk preserved their works through the ages, and with a star map their words and knowledge become one with yourself. It was all our ancestors could do just to survive, and they did survive each time to create the Common Folk of Earth today. Every soldier on earth is a soldier of the Common Folk, the soul of the warrior is need only be shown the path if they are misled. Once they see that we have been deceived and taken over by the Cult of Usury every soldier will rise to the call of the Common Folk. In all the Common Folk upon this earth we find an ally divided by centuries of oppression caused by the Cult of Usury. When the brave and true realize they will correct themselves and turn against the Cult of Usury because Common Folk only lay their lives on the line to ensure their children are given liberty and equality for the Common Folk of all Folk. So, knowing this means at any time a long list of Goblins and their Cult of Usury organizations of fatuousness Goblins can be compiled at any time.

Goblins are humans, this has always been true, but to define a Goblin is the simplest thing to do. A Goblin is a member of the Cult of Usury and that is the only thing I can define to you on this day. Every Goblin should be visible to you if you can only take a moment to realize the simplicity to the mystery your children will live better lives. Many serve the Cult of Usury but are not Goblins at all, and they need only truth to alter their path. For Goblins use the souls desire to search for the greater truth to manipulate their paths by creating many truths to divide and confuse Common Folk by indoctrinating various nations in various ways to create more and more truths from their created truths to hide the truth. All Common Folk know the enemy of the truth but have been unable to identify them due to the many wordy words used to make themselves into many secret clubs, many contradictory to each other, as they use these masks to offer to you a path to truth that will benefit the few. When a path to truth can be offered to you by joining a mystery club, you must toil only a moment longer to realize the truth was something that mysteriously vanished and must be hidden for Usury to exist without reconciling with Common Folk regarding the assets of the Earth. Admitting ignorance is the first step in realizing the truth. The truth is we toil for next life to rise greater by protecting, feeding, clothing, and educating the children are the only four requirements for the truth to be realized. This is the truth of the entire universe, and you will realize the science to satisfy the narcist within you will support this. If we toil for tomorrow all can be shown to all Common Folk on Earth. The Cult of Usury fears the Common Folk who read the stars, as they see the importance of building a greater world for those who come after you.

At this moment this is the only known enemy to all humanity, but here is a list of Goblin clubs of the Cult of Usury;

All Centralized Banks loaning the future toil of the Common Folk to other Common Folk at interest.

Many known families, called shapeshifters due to their practices of changing their names, of the Cult of Usury are listed but not limited to;

Rothschild (Bauer or Bower), Bruce, Cavendish (Kennedy), De Medici ,Hanover, Hapsburg, Krupp, Plantagenet, Rockefeller, Romanov, Sinclair (St. Clair), Warburg (del Banco), and Windsor (Saxe-Coburg-Gothe) amongst many more.

Priests of many Theological theatrical themes the Cult of Usury has used to mislead and divide the Common Folk are listed but not limited to;

Pope and all members of the Catholic Church in Rome, I have alot to put here so i will pause for now...because if you made it this far you know how long such a list can be.

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