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Liberty or Usury

Everything WE Know IS Wrong.

YOU Know, You're Aware OF "IT".

Truth TO THE Common Folk.

"IT" IS Truth, WHY Fear This?

Children OF THE Folk Suffer

"Folk" Meaning Solar-Based

Always, Forever Solar-Based

"Goblins" Stole ALL Histories

THE Folk Rise IN Another Life

THE Minds OF THE Youth, Sacred

WE Live ON Within Their Lives

Their Lives Live Within Ours

Ourselves as Oneself, WE THE Spirit

Truth TO THE Children, Truth!

Ready Them With Truth, Teach!

Teach OUR Ignorance, Trust!

Trust Liberty TO ALL, Tread!

Tread Usury, OUR Enemy, Train!

Train, Liberty! Never Usury

WE Were ALL Deceived, IT'S Okay

This Website IS NOT "MY" Mind

These ARE OUR Ancestor'S Work

SEE Their Works, Learn; WHY?

Train Trust Teach Truth, Tread

Liberty TO THE Youth, Truth!

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