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Lost Souls of the Universal Vortices

In the life of a Homo-Sapian, it can be easy to lose track of the world around us. As we grow within the framework of society, we make choices that define our perceptions of reality. So often the years pass and the conflicts of surviving within an already predefined social order do not much allow for us to re-access the world we have been born into. We each emerged with consciousness into our previously unknown Universal Vortices, into societies that had already predefined perspectives of our place within the Universal Vortices. We grow and learn from those who came before us without ever questioning the reality of their perspective or even an idea of how those views may have originated. Taught to accept the already defined illusory vignette, while ignorant of the origins of our own Progenitor's source material, we are continuously bombarded with previously defined notions of our place within the Universal Vortices. To petition our elders with our qualms can lead us to a perplexing dread to seek out the actuality of their teachings only to find yourself in a society that has spent millennia protecting the validity of their claims through the destruction of our ancestor's perspective of the Universal Vortices. Our society expects scrupulous acceptance of the realities presented to us in our youth that are derived from doctrines that our educators have been taught to accept without questioning the validity of their sources. So, we emerged into a seemingly infinite Vorticity, into societies with predefined ideologies with the same consistent teachings meant to alienate those who question our place within the Universal Vortices.

For over a thousand years each generation of Homo-Sapiens from the European peninsula has been taught to accept without question the obscure illumination of our place within the Universal Vortices. Based on the predefined teachings of our specific society, even fighting wars amongst themselves to ensure the questioning of our Progenitor's sources is forever suppressed. Do we want our children to truly accept, without reason or evidence, the same predefined perspective propagated to us from our Mediterranean Suzerains? What circumstances lead our forefathers to their conclusions and were their ancestors depicting knowledge forced upon them through generations of oppression and suppression of free thought? Modern Homo-Sapiens has now proclaimed their understanding of the Universal Vortices to exceed beyond the primitive teachings of their ancestors based on their perception of technological advances that no one Homo-Sapiens can be credited for. For example, if three generations proclaim the theories of Einstein to be a scientific revelation, would we question it by researching his perspective of the inner workings of the Universal Vortices not being dependent on the vortical motion of the Universal Aether? Would we then also research the perspective of the other great scientists of his era and make a comparison of their views to ensure no dogmatic theocratic theory was being introduced by the new mass media the Theocratic Bankers had just produced? Would we question then, after researching the facts presented from, why Einstein was propagated throughout society over men such as Nikolai Tesla, Rene Descartes, Phillip Lenard, Ignatius Donnely, and Henri Poincare among others? What purpose did the leaders of society have in suppressing the teachings of this time by only allowing a patent clerk named Einstein to receive glory for an idea with has no legitimate reference material or proven experimental application? Do we assume our grandfathers read the writings and determined the validity of the truth through study or do we question until our minds check their preconceived notions through study? While many may take offense to the current line of questioning it should be noted the only sin mankind can ever commit upon their children is to misguide them through blind acceptance of source-less propaganda.

"History shows us that science progress permanently has been retarded

by the overbearing influences favoring particular concepts and impelling their

acceptance as dogma. Thus, it has become necessary from time to time

to return to first principles, which may be used without constraint.*’

DeBroglie 1

Thus, it would only seem reasonable, and I would challenge all men to do this, question all things and attempt to determine your own perspective of the situation. The following is a logical approach determined through observation of my own and observation of others throughout history. Many true sciences are hidden by the Theocratic tyrants to ensure their rule over the minds of men is absolute. I will give you the answers to the questions from my personal evaluation of sources, which I expect you to explore. In descriptive capabilities regarding the Universal Vortices I have my own limitations, but there are many histories of science unknown to men and we need the help of all the minds of Earth to alleviate us from Theocracies curse. With my interpretation I will yield names and texts of great scientists who have been hidden from your eyes within various quotes, for I can assure you all I have learned is from the histories of man and so should you. I present the following theory for what mankind calls “light’” and how it doesn’t come along for the ride, but please keep in mind that you should draw your opinions from the many minds lost in time by theocratic lies, so first a source I will yield to help understand the perspective I yield ; UNIVERSAL VORTICAL SINGULARIGY MODEL

E=mc^2 is not true, but instead, Simplicity=Reality

Net work for the universal system must equal zero at equilibrium condition with respect to the universe being a vortical system. The conditions for an entire system to have no work only exists in a static universe, which is atomically impossible. If a static universe could exist, then a dynamic universe could never exist. The net work of the entirety of existence must equal zero, but constantly in motion. All motion is vortical and each vortical action has an equal vortical reaction. Within the confines of the vortical motion all things move in a spiraling sinusoid around a common center, but it’s always empty in every solar systems center.

The speed of light, as you will see this world has lies, is varying right in front of your eyes, but you eyesight continuously catches falling light and never the same photon twice . Before I tell you why in the words that come from my mind, here are some works from others who see a varying light and you will find more if you try, decelerating out of the sky;

· (“The constancy,or otherwise, of the speed of light” by Daniel J Farrell & J Dunning-Davies)

· (New varying speed of light theories by Joao Magueijo)

· (The Vortex Theory of Atoms by Dr. Jeroen van Dongen)

· (Treatise of Natural Philosophy by Kelvin & Tait)

· (The Treatise of Light by Rene Descartes)

· (The Notebooks of Leonardo Da Vinci translated by Jean Paul Richter)

So then why? Because like the apple, of arbitrary mass falls to the Earth, the photon, of negligible mass, falls off the earth. The Sun must conserve its energy, thus it must intake mass and eject mass. Elements when compressed are ejected in the opposing direction of the system’s direction of forward motion by corona mass ejections due to the burning of the fuel causing the breakdown of the atomic structure. The ejected protons and neutrons will inevitably be drawn towards the solar vortices, or another solar vortex moving into this new position. All systems have a barycenter, defining a net zero point around which all the masses in motion continually balance themselves, including the Sun. The barycenter of the galactic vortices is near the center, but not exactly center, of the galaxy. It also is moving based on the motion of the galaxies within the galactic cluster, which would themselves propagate in a vortical motion around a common barycenter. This would continue within a grandeur universal scale which must be in perpetual motion, due to the infinite non-perpetual systems within the vortical flux. All vortical systems eventually pass their kinetic energy into another vortical system. The affinity of the universal vortices can be best explained as a desire for the masses to conglomerate together to reach their peak value of atomic weight, hence a sort of “wanna-be mercury stew”. All vortical systems propel themselves forward with constant fusion reactions with varying distance per time, and they all drink from the elemental aether to sustain their motion. All systems eventually lose motion. Within the Sun the elements of the aether are pulled into the Suns coronal hole and broken down within the interior. Once compressed to maximum pressure, the Sun will eject an intense electromagnetic wave and any unprocessed material, to propel itself into forward motion. At all times emitted photon, seen by the human eye, are thrown out from the sun as the mass is continuously collected and processed to keep us alive, take it from a guy whose fantasies enlightened many children’s eyes.

“Light thinks it travels faster than anything but it is wrong. No matter how fast light travels, it finds the darkness has always got there first, and is waiting for it.” ― Terry Pratchett, Reaper Man

Now ask yourself, why are all the photons leaving the sun, and none going in unless contained in a balanced atomic structure? If you were moving 160 and you need to accelerate to 180, then energy will be needed so mass needs to be burned. The more electrons in the Sun’s belly means more energy for thrust, but necessary thrust is determined by the suns motion and its affinity with the other solar vortices and their motion. As seen in all reactions, the photons motion is contrary to the motion of the solar system. The speed of the photon is therefore varying, from initially equal to the force of the mass ejected to eventually zero. Regarding the human eye there would be an optical illusion, if the human’s brain decided that our sun had no forward motion, he would determine that the speed of light is excessively fast due to his inability to keep up with it. The issue is the motion of the mass, not the photon, and the human’s eye, being associated with the mass, cannot keep up with the photon because the human left and the photon stayed. A vortex would prefer electron heavy elements, and once processed and ejected the massless photon from the coronal ejection is shunned by the Sun. Who wants to eat an empty potato? Simply put the photon is initially equal and opposite of the forward motion, which makes sense and explains the dissipation of the photon into the icy aether as the heat of the sun moves away from it. Like John Mitchell of Cambridge who determined the methods of using parallax for distance stated, “parallax cannot determine the distance between star systems within the same galactic rotation.” This has also been shown to be true by the last two space telescopes being unable to determine a consistent parallax, but instead each time it became exponentially less. Considering a varying speed of light, the calculation of a par-sec is a pseudo measurement and considering the relative motion of the galactic objects around galactic barycenter and the respective wave pattern dissipation of objects over great distances, the stars around us are exponentially closer than they appear. On another not the human eye is subject to the evolution of earth, which programmed itself according to the specific heat of the sun. It would likewise program itself to ignore heat a smaller distance away in order not to confuse itself. Also, regarding the De Brogle Pilot wave theory, all particles move as waves, as all spiraling sinusoids would when they could. May the Mass dictate the motion, so once again the reaction can be the explosion emitting thrust and dissipation of light waves due to the rapid cooling due to the propulsion of the vortices. At this point let us not overthink it, just ask our theocratic overseers what their purpose is in condemning all of mankind into a fantasy of some kind.

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