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In the life of a Homo-Sapian, it can be easy to lose track of the world around us.  As we grow within the framework of society, we make choices that define our perceptions of reality.  So often the years pass and the conflicts of surviving within an already predefined social order do not much allow for us to re-access the world we have been born into.  We each emerged with consciousness into our previously unknown Universal Vortices, into societies that had already predefined perspectives of our place within the Universal Vortices. We grow and learn from those who came before us without ever questioning the reality of their perspective or even an idea of how those views may have originated.  Taught to accept the already defined illusory vignette, while ignorant of the origins of our own Progenitor's source material, we are continuously bombarded with previously defined notions of our place within the Universal Vortices.  To petition our elders with our qualms can lead us to a perplexing dread to seek out the actuality of their teachings only to find yourself in a society that has spent millennia protecting the validity of their claims through the destruction of our ancestor's perspective of the Universal Vortices.  Our society expects scrupulous acceptance of the realities presented to us in our youth that are derived from doctrines that our educators have been taught to accept without questioning the validity of their sources.  So, we emerged into a seemingly infinite Vorticity, into societies with predefined ideologies with the same consistent teachings meant to alienate those who question our place within the Universal Vortices. Would you like to know more?

Задыхайтесь, как будто это последнее

Беги по  трепетному пути

Даже ты знаешь, что это неправильно

Слушайте внимательно гонг

Война идет из глубины

Из моря мы поднялись в пески времени

Давным-давно возник миф

Там, где жили язычники, росли виноградные лозы

Сдавайся Сдавайся

я никогда не сдамся

Если мой разум полон

Я опустошу свою чашу

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