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Common Sense Theory of Relativity

1) Relativity - meaning measured against another mass with respect to the observer’s mass or some other mass perceived by the observer’s senses in time; which is a predetermined length of the passage of the masses within the Universal Vortices. 

2)Time is infinite, thus the fact that existence exists means the non-existence of existence, the universe is infinite.

3) The Volume and Mass of the Universe are infinite, so thus the Density is infinite.

4)Time can never be bent or manipulated due to the reality of existence.  It is and always will proceed as it does, so to say it can be changed or bent is a perversion of common knowledge.  Humans measure a second based on relativity, but if gravitational fluxes in the Universal Vortices cause the timer to malfunction, it does not infer that time was bent or changed in any way.  Inform the clockmakers and aid his effort in improving the measuring tool.  Allowing such things as saying," the meter stick has been broken so the measure of a meter must now be a different length", perverts the actual reality of any study.  Those who teach such knowledge only mean to pervert the knowledge of the youth and will always be the only enemy to mankind within the Universal Vortices.

5) Nothing can exist in a non-infinite space.

6) Temperature must always approach absolute zero, creating then friction, and once the Universal Structure vibrates the creation of new chain reactions from the previously beleaguered atomic structure begin anew.

7) The ever-present collection of masses pulsates infinitely over the entire volume of the universe in infinite clusters of masses within infinitely various locations, infinitely with time.  All mass clusters react infinitely relative to one another in the perpetual Universal Vortices, INFINITELY.

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