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The Common Folk Lost

A rising against centralized banking schemes
Colonies of commoners enriching the obscene
Wishing only to be free from the freemasonry disease
Only to find Franklin supported another dream
Enriching loyalists who today reign supreme
Yet the light of Freedom burning dim today
Can still be inflamed if Paul Revere rode again
Washington's retreats would not be in vain
If we asked questions like Ignatius Donnelly displayed
Jefferson said corporations would robe us all today
Aaron Burr shot the man who aided in placing chains
The revolution is still being fought today
Rothschilds and Windsor stole the American Dream
Woodrow Wilson signed it away to them
If only McKinley had survived, before Roosevelt engineered our economic demise
Ask the questions and read the treaty of Paris all the way through
Benjamin betrayed each of you, beware the black gentry is what General Washington said to you
The Senate voted to march natives in Andrew Jackson's day, but he killed the banks you see today
We are a land of the oppressed masses all accross the expanding earth, this is reality
The victors wrote history to keep the Common Folk from seeing truth to enrich the few
Where is the spirit of solidarity today, a Commonwealth of Toil is the American way
Stand again and take what belongs to your children
Thomas Paine expects our common sense
Robert Ingersoll would lament on this historical mess
Jackie shot john to keep Elites owning our toil outright
Freedom Unrealized through sanctimonious Dichotomy
But now the Common Folk rise out of degradation with the wheel of time
Our forefathers will soon be proud as they see centralized bankers finally ostracized
Find the enemy of Freedm and put an end to the Common Folk's misery.

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